Ebb — Evaluate. Breathe. Begin.

Ebb is an Apple Watch and iPhone app that strives to suppress the feelings of anxiety millions of Americans face every day.

Ebb uses the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor to check for the user's heart rate to spike under the right conditions — an indicator of anxiety — and will send the user a notification to perform anxiety-reducing exercises.

  • Constantly monitors the user's heart rate to determine when they become stressed
  • Sends a gentle notification when the user is feeling anxious
  • Walks the user through six exercises — including yoga, muscle relaxation and breathing exercises — proven to relieve stress
  • Includes a built-in heart rate monitor the user can use to get immediate notifications of a heart rate spike
  • Calculates the user's average, minimum and maximum heart rates for a time period the user chooses


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University of Georgia classes

New Media Capstone

NMIX 4510

Working in a four-person team, our group created Ebb, an Apple Watch and iPhone app that continuously checks a user's heart rate for a spike and provides exercises to reduce anxiety.

We then presented our project at SLAM, an end-of-semester networking showcase for UGA New Media Institute students, at the Roam Galleria in Atlanta.

Developed the iPhone and Apple Watch app using Swift. Created web content with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.


Joe Reisigl resume

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