Ebb — Evaluate. Breathe. Begin.

Ebb is an Apple Watch and iPhone app that strives to suppress the feelings of anxiety millions of Americans face every day.

Ebb uses the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor to check for the user's heart rate to spike under the right conditions — an indicator of anxiety — and will send the user a notification to perform anxiety-reducing exercises.

Apple Watch - Short look notification

Apple Watch

With no prior knowledge of the Swift coding language, I coded the Apple Watch app from scratch with the help of online tutorials. The app was designed and coded using Xcode.

The app comes with the following features and more:

  • Constantly monitors the user's heart rate to determine when they become stressed
  • Sends a gentle notification when the user is feeling anxious
  • Walks the user through six exercises — including yoga, muscle relaxation and breathing exercises — proven to relieve stress
  • Includes a built-in heart rate monitor the user can use to get immediate notifications of a heart rate spike
  • Calculates the user's average, minimum and maximum heart rates for a time period the user chooses


I also helped build parts of Ebb's iPhone app. I added three features to allow users to adjust notification settings, send a test notification and to read more information on how Ebb works.

The final iOS app comes with the following features:

  • Provides a journal for users to log what happened at the time of their anxiety attack and talk out ways to avoid feeling anxiety in that situation again
  • Users can adjust notification settings to choose when Ebb will notify them of a heart rate spike
  • Detailed information of how Ebb works to alleviate users' anxiety
iPhone - Journal

Ebb promotional photos

Designed marketing photos of the Apple Watch and iPhone with screenshots from the app to provide users or prospective users a view of the app's capabilities.

Ebb's website

Using Brackets, I coded the marketing and support pages for Ebb by customizing a Bootstrap template's colors and layout to fit the app's mood and purpose.

Ebb website - anxiety

Ebb's trailer

Aided in the production of Ebb's trailer.